How Kim Saved $145 *after* She Booked Her Flight on Delta Air Lines.

Earlier this year, Kim, a savvy traveler, planned ahead and bought a one-way ticket from Savannah to Boston in July — a return trip from a friend’s bachelorette party.

Summertime flights have been selling for record-high prices and, when she booked her flight, the one-way ticket cost $363.

Kim, a FareDropped member, forwarded her flight receipt to FareDropped and went about her life. FareDropped immediately began monitoring her exact flight for any changes in fare.

As it got closer to her July departure, the price of Kim’s exact same flight and class of service dropped to $283.

FareDropped swooped in and automatically got the new lower fare for Kim, who received an $80 voucher directly from Delta Air Lines.

Weeks later, the fare dropped again. FareDropped got Kim the last seat at the lower price, which this time was $218. Kim received another voucher from Delta; this time for $65.

Simply by being a FareDropped member, Kim saved 40% of the original cost of her flight and now has $145 in future travel credit with Delta Air Lines to use at her convenience.

Airfares can change by the minute. After we secured Kim’s voucher for her, the price of her flight increased to more than the original cost of the ticket.

That’s why it’s important to act fast when fares change. FareDropped jumps in on your behalf when fares drop to help save you money on airfare–before someone else does.

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