How Patrick and Fran saved $330 using FareDropped

Patrick and Fran’s savings on their trip to Guatemala is a perfect example of how FareDropped works. (FareDropped works just as great for domestic itineraries, too.)

In 2021, Patrick and Fran booked roundtrip flights from Washington, DC to Guatemala City, Guatemala for early 2022. 

Pat signed up for a free trial of FareDropped and we began monitoring the price of his flights for Pat and Fran.

Weeks after they’d booked the tickets, FareDropped alerted Pat and Fran that their flights had dropped by $165 a piece—$330 for their two tickets.

Pat and Fran asked us to take care of making the changes with Delta Air Lines.

Fran and Pat’s flights, dates of travel and seats remained exactly the same as the original booking. The only thing that changed—for the better—was the price.

Fran and Pat now have $330 ($165 a piece) to put toward a future trip on Delta Air Lines!

Hours after we secured Pat’s vouchers, the price of the tickets shot back up. This is why it’s important to act fast when we alert you to a fare drop.

We’d like to show you how easy it is to stop overpaying for flights. Sign up for a free trial and, when you’re ready, email us your upcoming flights.

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