Actual savings from FareDropped user Joseph

Here’s a sample of how FareDropped saved money for Joseph H. in October 2021.

In the first week of October, Joseph booked a ticket to travel to Chicago in November. The original cost of the ticket was $109.40.

The week after he booked his ticket, American Airlines reduced the price of the same exact flight and class of service to $82.40.

If Joseph didn’t use FareDropped, he might never have known that the price decreased. But FareDropped sent him a text and email message with simple instructions to capture his savings on the airlines website.

Joseph immediately received a $27.00 credit from the airline for future travel. That’s a 25% savings off his original ticket price!

Then, two days later, American Airlines reduced the ticket price again, this time to $58.40.

FareDropped alerted Joseph and he received another voucher from the airline. This time he received a $24.00 credit.

By using his free FareDropped account, Joseph received credits totaling $51.00, effectively reducing the cost of his initial ticket by a “whoop!”-worthy 47%!