Did you know you can get money back *after* you book your Southwest Airlines flight?

Southwest has long been one of the most generous airlines when it comes to changing or canceling a reservation that you’ve already booked.

But did you know that you can also get money back from Southwest if the price of your flight drops after you book your ticket?

Southwest will issue you a voucher for the difference between the price you originally paid for your flight and the new, lower, price.

But, you have to know about the new, lower price and request the voucher–before the price increases again.

FareDropped monitors the price of your exact flight for you and gets a voucher for you when the price drops

FareDropped actively monitors the price of the exact flight that you have already booked on Southwest.

When the price of your flight drops, FareDropped automatically swoops in and gets the better fare for you–before anyone else books it.

And Southwest Airlines issues a voucher directly to you for the difference.

Here’s an example of how FareDropped member Susan saved $137 on her flight from Chicago to New York City on Southwest!

You can try FareDropped for free!

Once you receive your first voucher and understand how FareDropped works, you’ll have the option to stick with a free plan or upgrade to a paid plan for even more savings.

But first things first: sign up and let us get you your first airline voucher completely free!

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