Kaurie saved $221 on a flight she had already booked to San Francisco.

Kaurie is a small business owner who lives in Mobile, Alabama.

In October 2021, Kaurie booked a flight in January 2022 to visit her family in San Francisco.

She booked a round-trip standard economy—not a “basic economy”—ticket on United Airlines, with a connection in Houston.

Kaurie signed up for FareDropped in November and, the next month, while monitoring her exact flights, FareDropped found that the price of Kaurie’s flights had dropped by $221.00.

FareDropped alerted Kaurie to the price change and worked on her behalf to obtain a $221.00 credit from United Airlines for the difference between what she originally paid and the new, lower fare.

“It is crazy that fares can drop so much. I had no idea!” Kaurie told us.

This was the first time Kaurie had used FareDropped and it was part of her free trial.

Kaurie plans to use her United Airlines voucher to visit her family again this summer.

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Kaurie makes an awesome line of bath products, including delicious-smelling bath bombs. You can find her online store—Fig & Owl—here.

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