Update: Pat & Fran got two FareDrops—and saved $450 in total—on their flights to Guatemala!

You may remember FareDropped friends Patrick and Fran, who booked tickets in 2021 to visit family in Guatemala this month, February 2022.

Back in December, FareDropped helped Pat and Fran secure a $330 refund from their airline.

But, guess what? This month, very briefly, the price of their flights dropped again! This time by $60 per ticket, for another $120 in savings.

FareDropped worked quickly to help Pat and Fran get a second refund. Everything else—their flights, their seats—remained the same. The only thing that changed was the price.

Fran and Patrick ended up saving a combined $450 on their trip to Guatemala!

Pat and Fran saved a combined $450 on their roundtrip flights to Guatemala.

That’s the magic of FareDropped. We help save you money by working quickly to secure a refund or a voucher as soon as the price of your flight drops.

Depending on when you booked your flight, FareDropped can help you secure multiple vouchers on the same flight—just like we did for Pat and Fran.

And the best part? You barely have to lift a finger.

Are you ready to save money with FareDropped?


Interested in Permaculture? Pat and Fran are visiting family who run Atitlan Organics, a productive Permaculture farm in the village of Tzununa, on the shore of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. They offer classes on site and online. Learn more here!

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