How Chad saved $150 on his Delta Air Lines flight to Las Vegas. After he paid for it.

Chad was having trouble pulling the trigger booking his flight to Las Vegas.

Prices were fluctuating wildly—by hundreds of dollars in each direction—for the non-stop flights he was looking at. And the specific flight times were important to Chad.

He would be meeting up with friends in Vegas and wanted a morning departure from the east coast so he could arrive Las Vegas ready to hit the ground running.

And he wanted a return flight that left in the morning, but not too early, after a lively weekend in Vegas.

And, for Chad, the red eye was: Not. An. Option. (We don’t blame him.)

Then, Chad realized: Because he was a FareDropped member, he didn’t need to wait to book his flights. Or stress about the situation at all.

He could simply book his flight and, if the price fell, FareDropped would help him get a voucher from his airline for the difference.

I stopped watching flight prices, booked my ticket and got on with my life. If the price dropped later, I knew FareDropped would help me get my money back.

Chad, a FareDropped member since 2021.

So, Chad booked his flight.

Importantly, Chad booked a “main cabin” economy fare—not a “basic” economy—ticket.

On Delta Air Lines, Chad’s favorite airline, the slightly more expensive main cabin fare gave him both flexibility and added comfort.

He could cancel or reschedule his main cabin ticket (not so with basic economy) and he could select seats in advance, helping him to travel more comfortably on his cross-country flight.

Several weeks after he booked, Chad got an email from FareDropped. His fare had dropped by $80. On Chad’s request, we obtained a voucher for him.

A few days later, while Chad was sleeping, his fare dropped by another $70. FareDropped worked with Delta to increase his voucher—all while Chad was asleep.

When Chad woke up he found that his airline voucher had nearly doubled—to $150. Huzzah!

Ready to start saving on airfare in your sleep? Why wait—it’s free!

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