See how Jenna (and BUG, her cat) saved $170 on their flight from LA to Boston.

Jenna, a working actor and actor-advocate who lives in Los Angeles, booked a one-way ticket from Los Angeles to Boston to go home for the holidays in 2021.

Jenna heard about FareDropped from a friend and signed up for a free trial shortly after booking her flight.

She forwarded her confirmation email from the airline and completely forgot that FareDropped was working on her behalf in the background.

Until one week later—when she got an email from us telling her that the price of her flight had dropped by $170, nearly 30 percent of the original price of her ticket.

“I booked so close to the day I was traveling that I really didn’t think there was any chance I was going to save money. But, this was a free trial and there was no risk.”

FareDropped let Jenna know about the price change and how to get her credit.

As a busy actor and entrepreneur, Jenna asked FareDropped to help claim her credit for her flight, which she had booked using a combination of cash and credit-card-rewards points.

Also traveling with Jenna was her adorable cat BUG.

BUG, in an undated photo, strikes a sultry pose. Look at those eyes. 😍

Anyone who has a pet will understand Jenna’s most important priority when it came to her reservation:

“It was really important to me that I kept my original seat assignment so that my partner and I were seated together so we could both take care of Bug on our cross-country trek.”

The good news? That’s exactly what FareDropped does.

We look for the same exact class of service, the same seat assignment, and the same airline “extras”—like pet fees and pre-purchased seat upgrades or meals that you’ve paid in advance —to make sure that the only thing that ever changes is the price.

FareDropped stepped in on Jenna’s behalf and her airline issued a credit via email for $170.

“I was really surprised that my ticket price went down in the first place and even more pleased that FareDropped took care of everything for me. It was completely seamless.”

Jenna and her partner, Matt, have already used their travel credit to book round-trip tickets to one of our favorite beach destinations: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

And, after using the voucher Jenna obtained through FareDropped—and a voucher that Matt had from a previous trip—Jenna and Matt ended up paying only $30.64 for their two tickets. Now, that’s a FareDropped win! 🙌🏽

Are you ready to try FareDropped for free?


Are you an actor? Check out Jenna’s advocacy work at her awesome organization Actors Rise, where you can sign up for her weekly newsletter for those in the business.

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